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360 Reviews


The purpose of our 360 reviews system at ChainSafe is a company-wide “Pit Stop” to check in and enable genuine conversations about growth, goals, roles, levels, happiness, satisfaction, concerns, and other matters happening. The gap we aim to close with our review process is to build a culture of meaningful continuous feedback and goal-setting. We will know that our review system is working well when all ChainSafers truly embrace it as a value-adding activity, which empowers them to perform to their full potential. Ultimately this system will extend well beyond reviews and will positively impact team engagement, development, retention, and business results.


  • Helps us celebrate individual progress and identify opportunities to make even more meaningful contributions
  • Hold oneself and each other accountable and aligned around expectations
  • Close skill gaps across ChainSafe and increase leadership and manager effectiveness
  • Continue to build a culture of continuous feedback and a performance enablement system to facilitate overall organizational effectiveness and success

Setup and Communication

  • Every 6 months People Operations announce the Review Months
    • The Review Cycle is from the Launch Date to the Review Packet delivery (around the 15th of the review month — March or September)
    • Every ChainSafer who has been with the company for over 3 months must complete the cycle of reviews during the set timeframes
    • Protocol, scheduling, deliverables, training dates, and expectations are all defined, set, and communicated beforehand to the entire team (2-3 weeks before the launch)
    • All supporting materials, guides, aids, and documentation is circulated to all stakeholders before the launch (1-2 weeks before the first day)
  • A week before the first day of the review, the Review Cycle is set up and launched in Lattice
  • Final Reviews Analysts Report is to be provided to the Leadership and Management teams within the following month of the cycle closure