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Solutions is ChainSafe’s research and development team that conducts research to explore new technical and business frontiers. This generally includes cracking complex problems and working on novel ideas, producing architecture design and specification, prototyping, and, most importantly, staying up to date on the latest technology updates and exploring certain areas of interest that are beneficial to the whole company.

Vision: To give internal and external teams the knowledge to implement their novel ideas and grow Web 3.0.

Mission: We combine our skillset, knowledge and constant research to deliver new perspectives, solve complex problems and help the community drive innovations forward.

Solutions Services

Solutions, because of the research competencies and different skill sets, is capable to cover a specific set of services. Additionally, Solutions work can be divided between consulting work for external clients and internal R&D for ChainSafe’s products and projects.

Type of problems Solutions is working on

The main focus of Solutions is research. Problems that require dedicated time for research are usually more complex problems that also require a varied set of skills and knowledge like protocols, cryptography and architecture design, to name a few.

Solutions department strives to solve:

  • Problems that represent a technical challenge in the community
  • Web3 use cases that can make a real impact on our communities
  • Novel ideas that create new value
  • Challenges and foundational contributions to core protocols

If you would like to request internal research from the Solutions department, check out the notion section on "How to Request Research from Solutions"