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Mission, Vision, Core Values


To realize the potential of Web3 through sustainable open-source development.


We envision a world with organizations that empower people to create & innovate.

Core Values + Living into Values


  • You welcome differing ideas and beliefs without judgment
  • You respectfully share your thoughts even when it feels difficult to do so
  • You practice candor in all communications
  • You share information as deeply & widely as possible


  • You relentlessly identify opportunities to improve both professionally and personally
  • You are constantly looking for what you can learn and how you can share that with others.
  • You are eager for the challenge of working on unproven but promising technology
  • You believe your attitude is more important than how much you already know


  • You always put the best interests of the team ahead of your own
  • You believe that we can achieve more as a team than we ever could individually
  • You work well with others in order to effectively complete tasks
  • You are eager to give and receive constructive feedback in order to improve


  • You recognize each individual's humanity and put their needs ahead of work
  • You treat everyone with love & kindness no matter what the circumstances are
  • You go above & beyond in helping everyone feel at home
  • You seek opportunities to support those in need


  • You follow through on duties, responsibilities, & commitments in a timely fashion without fail
  • You admit mistakes even if no one else sees them
  • You take ownership for any consequences of your decisions, even if they are unintended
  • You take measures to ensure the same mistake doesn't happen twice


  • You hold yourself and your colleagues accountable to a high standard
  • You habitually reflect on your work and incorporate feedback to ensure you're doing the best you can
  • You look for the long-term solution instead of providing a short-term fix
  • You write code that is maintainable and readable for others


  • You choose a schedule & location that fits your life
  • You respect the autonomy and independence of your colleagues
  • You encourage others to express themselves freely
  • You take initiative to improve the organization however you see fit


  • You eagerly participate in team activities outside of your work responsibilities.
  • You are lighthearted, you joke around, and you laugh often
  • You inject your personality and random fun things into ordinary routines
  • You don't take things too seriously even in stressful situations